Dreamweaver Flash Buttons Tutorial


Use Dreamweaver 4.0's new Flash Buttons feature to create flash menus.

Dreamweaver buttons allow for a simple, quick way to add some flash to your page

Step 1 Create a new folder on your hard drive. This is where you will save your page and Dreamweaver will place the flash buttons here. See the tutorial regarding Dreamweaver site definition for more info.
Step 2 Open Dreamweaver. Create a new document, and save it as index.htm in your newly created folder. Repeat this step 3 times, naming the documents about.htm, faq.htm, contact.htm. Open your index.htm file in Dreamweaver.
Step 3

Go to Insert > Table, and insert a table 100 pixels wide, 0 cellpadding, 0 cellspacing, no border, 1 column, 4 rows.

Step 4 Click inside your top table cell, and go to Insert > Interactive Images > Flash Buttons. The Flash Buttons dialog box pops up.
Step 5 The style area shows you which flash button styles are available. Go through the styles, holding your mouse over the different buttons and clicking on them to see what effects they have. (You can download more button styles by clicking the Get More Styles button.)
Step 6 Once you select a style you like, type the text you would like on the button in the Button Text field. For example, type in Home.
Step 7 Change your font properties, if needed.
Step 8 In the link field, type in the page you want the button to link to. For the Home button, type in index.htm, or click on the browse button and locate the index.htm page. The target field is to select whether the page will open in a new window or not. Leave this section blank.
Step 9 The BG Color field is to match the background area of the button to the background of your page. Leave this blank for now.
Step 10 Give your button a name, such as home_flash. Click Ok. The new button is inserted into your page.
Step 11 Press F12 to preview and test your new button. When the browser preview pops up, click on the button, and it should take you to index.htm. Look in your browser address bar to verify this. Go back to Dreamweaver and press CNTRL+S to save your document.
Step 12 Follow step 4 through Step 11 to insert the about, faq and contact buttons. Once you have all of the buttons inserted, simply save the page under the file names again (DW will ask if you want to overwrite, tell it yes), and you now have 4 linked pages using flash buttons.
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